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Troubleshooting utility system operating inefficiencies and implementing corrective action

Most operating facilities have specification limits for water quality and chemical concentrations that define normal operating conditions. Consistent lack of conformance to the critical specification limits can lead to corrosion, deposition, fouling and subsequent system failure in a surprisingly short period of time. We recommend tracking key operating indices and key performance indices to identify non-conformances, initiate troubleshooting activities, identify the root causes and implement corrective actions. We can assist with these tasks and coach operations personnel to improve their troubleshooting skills.

Examples of troubleshooting
  • Cracked inlet lateral in strong acid cation demineralizer caused poor distribution of flow and short runs
  • Improper dosage and insufficient reaction time for coagulant resulted in poor quality clarified water, short service cycle for downstream filters and excessively high filter backwash frequency.
  • High rates of carbon steel corrosion due to insufficient anodic corrosion protection caused by low ortho-phosphate concentrations
Technical experts will be required to maintain the reliability and availability of your systems.
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