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Managed Care™

Peace of Mind

Managed care of all your water systems! We review your influent, boiler, cooling and wastewater systems at each site to maximize availability and reliability of these assets. We ensure the consistency of the water treatment programs at all your plant sites while minimizing your operating and maintenance costs.
  • Annual System Audits with Energy Balance Analysis
  • Engineering Support
  • Technical Oversight of Current Chemical Suppliers
  • Technical Training
  • Feasibility Studies for Water System Upgrade, Expansion or Replacement
  • Alternative Supplier Bid Evaluation
  • Extension of State-mandated boiler inspection interval*

    *See specific state boiler codes; not all states permit extensions.
Managed Care Program™

Use our Managed Care Program™, custom-designed to match your needs. - download a PDF case history
  • Wellness Care - serve as the team leader for each of your periodic on-site water system audits and provide a written report.
  • Diagnosis & Treatment - provide engineering consulting services and laboratory analyses.
  • Prescription Plan - evaluate the current chemical treatment program to improve your results, lower your costs and standardize your treatment and monitoring programs.
  • Generic Chemistry - recommend alternative, lower cost commodity chemicals.
  • Therapy - train plant personnel to provide correct monitoring and control of the water treatment programs.
  • Triage - quick response time to your urgent problems.
  • Phone/Fax Consult - a cost effective method to resolve many issues.
  • Specialist Referral - provide access to the latest technologies and other industry experts.

Have your own Water Doctor at a fraction of the cost: use our Managed Care Program™.
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Competition will increase as the electric utility industry deregulates.
Plants may have to reduce their staff and lose their most experienced personnel to remain competitive.
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