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Determining the root causes of failure to prevent additional lost opportunity costs

The absence of a root cause investigation and implementation of corrective action dramatically increases the risk of additional failures of boilers, reboilers and heat exchangers. Our investigation includes a review of historical operating data, review of the metallurgical analyses and discussions with operating personnel and the chemical supplier service representative. Our report identifies the root causes of the failure and prioritizes recommendations for corrective actions.

Examples of our failure investigations
  • Cat Cooler (waste heat boiler) failure due to under-deposit corrosion caused by a lack of conformance to specifications for boiler water chemistry. - download PDF case history
  • Debutanizer failure due to under-deposit corrosion caused by poor control of chemical treatment program and subsequent deactivation of copper corrosion inhibitor. - download PDF case history
  • Reboiler failure due to improper chemical water treatment for deposit control.
Competition will increase as the electric utility industry deregulates.
Plants may have to reduce their staff and lose their most experienced personnel to remain competitive.
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