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“Operating Practices for Industrial Water Management, Influent Water Systems” by Loraine Huchler, P.E., CMC, published September 2007 by Gulf Publishing, Inc.

"In this first book on pretreatment, Loraine Huchler has given us a pragmatists' "cook book" on managing the vulnerability associated with industrial water treatment systems."
-Timothy C. Svarczkopf, Utilities Process Technologist, Marathon Petroleum Company

This book describes the most effective ways to operate the plant, simplify troubleshooting and prevent outages. This series of books offers the engineer and process plant technician operating guides that have direct, practical use by operators and is immediately useful in this field. Included are operating principles, troubleshooting information, test methods, specification limits, tips and "rules of thumb" for operations and inspections personnel.

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NEW! Read about Cold Lime Softening, an excerpt from Chapter 2 - download PDF

Table of Contents - download PDF
Basic operating principles - download PDF
Advanced operating principles - download PDF
Troublshooting Guides - download PDF
Monitoring Practices - download PDF
Tips and rules of Thumb - download PDF
Lessons learned - download PDF
Easily-customized tables - download PDF

To order a copy of this innovative book, contact Loraine Huchler at or +01-609-896-4457. For more information, go to

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Operating Practices for Industrial Water Management: Influent Water Systems
by Loraine Huchler.

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To order, contact Loraine Huchler at or +01-609-896-4457.

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